Earthnest Bio Bags

Earthnest’s biodegradable carry bags are here to replace regular single-use plastic carry bags once and for all. Our bio bags look like plastic bags, but do not contain any conventional plastic. They are made from vegetable starch and other natural additives, allowing them to completely biodegrade in 3-4 months leaving no toxic residue. They will replace plastic carry bags in almost all applications and are completely environment friendly.

Our bags will replace plastics in multiple places like Shopping bags, Carry bags, Garment bags, Laundry bags, Garbage bags, Aprons, Films/Sheets, Wrapping covers, Pet Waste Bags, Seat Covers and so on.

Earthnest Bio Bag Features


I am 100% Plastic Free

Earthnest biobags are made up of natural extracts and contain no polyolefin plastic.


I am Eco Friendly

Biodegradable and compostable in nature and hence don’t pollute the soil and ocean


I am Safe for Animals

Safe if accidentally consumed by world’s fauna in both land and marine habitats

I can pack Food Items

Compostable bags are safe for food use and can be used for storing and transporting food items.


I am stronger than plastic bags

Much stronger than conventional plastic bags. Please refer to the video and the picture


I am Affordable

The cost of production of Earthnest Bio Bags is similar to the conventional plastic Bags


I am Naturally Antistatic

Reduce or eliminate build-up of static electricity thus avoiding the effects of static electricity.

I am Compostable

Earthnest Biobags break down readily in a composting system through microbial activity to form compost.


I am Oil Resistant

Earthnest Biobags will not absorb or be degraded by contact with oil or oil base products.

I am Non Toxic

Packaging with Earthnest Bio Bags helps to prevent food spoilage and keep products fresh

Demo Video

Widespread Usage In Different Sectors

Consumer Sector

1.Garment Bags (wrapping for textiles like shirts, t-shirts, briefs)
2.Retail Market (Supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, laundry, retail stores)
3.Shopping bags (Textile stores, pharmacies, jewellers, Stationeries)
4.Trash bags
5.Many more potential uses

Industrial Sector

1.Automobile Manufacturing plants as primary packaging for dust and scratch proofing also in the spare parts department
2.Electronics goods packaging as (Electrostatic Discharge) ESD proof packaging
3.Stretch Films for packing goods e.g. newly manufactured glass bottles

Public & Private Sector

1.Garbage/Trash bags in municipal offices, Govt offices, schools, public spaces
2.Trash bags in Medical sector ex. Hospitals
3.To NGO’s for sanitary waste management and other social works

Earthnest Bio Bags comes in Different Shapes & Sizes