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Save Planet Earth from plastic bags, there is no Planet B

What we do

Manufacturer, Supplier & Distributor of Bio Bags (100% plastic-free)



In our mission to make our cities, country and planet more sustainable and plastic-free, Earthnest has been established to look at innovative ways of addressing the major climate and environment challenges facing the planet. Our team has been formed from like-minded individuals with a diverse set of backgrounds, who share a sense of being tired of watching the planet becomes ever more devastated by human activity. Earthnest looks to establish and build partnerships between individuals, business, government and public bodies to accelerate the international sustainable development and advance of green technology and the overall ‘green economy’. Our global associate base allows us to seek out innovation wherever it is occurring and to look at practical ways that this can apply to everyday problems. We work from a basis that strategies which involve the halt or even the reverse of human societal development are inherently doomed to failure, the answer has to lie in using technological advancements to create new solutions to the problems that we face today and into the future.

Together we can find the solutions and leave a better world for our children and our grandchildren.